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A Story Once Told

A set of 13 original short plays written by Words Players' own Columcille Driscoll, retelling pieces of an old, old Briar Rose story. Set in a proverbial far-off kingdom, at some point between the eleventh and eighteenth centuries (an Italy or Germany of the Renaissance perhaps?), the comical overarching story is the betrothal, marriage and escape of a beautiful princess. Teeming with floating fish, foolish owls, advice-giving rabbits and unicorns backwards speaking, the plays are part of a larger series of plays inspired by the paintings of James C. Christensen.

Presented by The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company.

March 27 & 28    7pm   -   Tickets on sale now!



SkyVault Improv Evenings

Theatre created on the spot and inspired by audience suggestions. Performed by members of The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company. Comedy that is creative and clean.

Upcoming shows at 7pm on the following nights:

April 1

Performances are at Words Players Theatre and tickets are $5 at the door.



nAnnie McTwist: A Junior Troupe original musical

Members of Words Players Junior Troupe are busy developing an original musical: nAnnie McTwist: where famous orphans meet famous nannies for a twisted adventure. Characters and songs you’ll recognize (plus original music), and familiar stories that are a bit…topsy-turvey.

Synopsis:  A mysterious agency supplies nannies and counter-nannies (villains) to tend to orphans.  We meet Nanny McPhee, Maria Von Tropp, and Mary Poppins, who are unemployed and looking for new jobs.  Oliver Twist, Orphan Annie, and the Baudelaire orphans from A Series of Unfortunate Events, are all miserable with their villainous keepers (Mr. Bumble, Miss Hannigan, and Count Olaf.)

The nannies, who don't really like each other's methods, make a wager to see who can reform the children and oust the villains the quickest.  But who is the mysterious owner of the agency?


Get a sneak peak at a one of the original songs that are being written for the show:

Life is a Knife - the opening number


Auditions: March 16 at Words Players Theatre. Click here for more details.

Performances:    May 1, 2, 8, 9     7pm      May 3   2pm


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