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Thornton Wilder Short Play Festival

Join us for the 10th Thornton Wilder Short Play Festival and the last Words Players performances in the 4th St. location.



A Story Once Told

An original collection of fantastical plays based on the paintings of James C. Christensen, retelling pieces of an old Briar Rose story.

The setting: A proverbial far-off kingdom.

The story: The betrothal, marriage and escape of a beautiful princess.

Teeming with: Floating fish, foolish owls, advice-giving rabbits, and unicorns backwards speaking.

A delightful tale for all ages, incorporating the artwork of
James C. Christensen into the staged story.

Following the world premiere in March in Rochester, this production is being performed July 11, 12, and 13 at the Phoenix Theatre in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for more information on ticket sales in the upcoming weeks.

Sharing Our Light, James C. Christensen Cicero, The Minnesota SkyVault Theatre Company



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